Quebrada Quillcayhuanca
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Quebrada Quillcayhuanca Climbing to Nevado Maparaju | Cayesh | Chinchey | San Juan and Huapi
Maparaju 5326m.

Southwest and West Slopes (normal route)
Grade: F

Maparaju is not a very spectacular-looking peak. However, the views of Cayesh and Huantsan are as spectacular as they come. This is a perfect peak for acclimatizing if you plan on climbing other peaks in the area.

Cayesh 5721m

West Face German Route.
Grade: TD+
Descent: Rappel the route.

This stunning knife blade of a peak has no easy way to the top. The west face offers several steep routes, all consisting of rock ice and snow. The German Route has become the line of choice. Have your mixed climbing skills ready and expect a though battle.

Chinchey 6222m

North Ridge
Grade: PD+/ AD-
Descent: The same route

Chinchey is another big mountain that rarely gets climbed—probably because it is hidden on the east side of the range. The approach, from either Quebrada Honda or Quebrada Quillcayhuanca, requires several long days. The peak presents a challenging snow climb with an exciting summit ridge. If you want a remote mountain adventure, consider Chinchay

San Juan 5,843m

Northwest Ridge (Normal Route)
Grade: AD+
Descent: the route, using a few rappels down the steep sections.

Most people don’t know about San Juan. Yet it is moderately high and provides a good mountaineering challenge with great views of Huantsan and the surrounding peaks. It would be a good warm-up before going across the valley.

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