Day Hikes to Pastoruri
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Tour to Pastoruri Glacier and Puya Raimondi flower

Time: One whole day
Grade: Difficult
Altitude Max: 17,192ft / 5240m

To visit Pastoruri Glacier and Puya Raymondi is an full adventure day tour which offers a great opportunity for a close up view and contact of the Pastoruri glacier, located at 17,192ft / 5240m in altitude, you need to be well acclimatized before going (we recommend to spend at least a day in Huaraz first). For many visitors, the contact with this glacier is a unique experience. Because it is one of the easiest snowcapped peaks to reach, it is a very well-known destination of the region located 50 miles / 80 km/south of Huaraz.

Peru Amazing Adventures offer this day trip as acclimatization day or just to relax after completed an adventure trekking or climbing program but looking forward of a close up view and contact of the glacier experience and enjoy taking photos of the sumq giant plant Puya Raimondi. (Flower)


Location: Peru, South America
Object Title: Huarapasca
Activities: Mountaineering
Season: Summer
Elevation: 17757 ft / 5412 m

Huarapasca is a rarely climbed 17,757 ft/ 5420m high mountain. What makes it an attractive objective is that it can be climbed with a very short approach from the car. The two principle routes are a more technical one from the south and an easier from the southeast. The mountain can be climbed all year.

South America, Peru, Pongos or Mururaju and Uruashraju Climbing

Cordillera Blanca Climbing 2016

Climbing Caullaraju Cordillera Blanca 5686m.

Cordillera Blanca climbing Rajutuna 5360m.


Capital: Recuay
Altitude: 3,394m A.S.L

Tourist attractions.


Here you can see the PUYA RAYMONDI. A large plant so named in honor of its discoverer, the Italian, Antonio Raymondi. When in flowers this plant is up to 12meters in height. it flowers only once in its lifetime, producing a stunning spike laden with from 3 to8 thousand individual flowers. it is only found in Peru and Bolivia.

Conococha (Quñuqqucha)

(Quñaq=warm, qucha=lake), 4050m.
This village in Recuay province is the highest in the valley. The houses have earthen walls and ichu grass thatched or tiled roofs, which was typical of this area. The villagers raise cattle and sheep and produce butter and cheese.
From this village both the Cordillera Blanca and Negra can be seen, as well as the group of Caullaraju snow peak, the Cordillera huayhuash, and the Lake Conococha (4020m)
Lake Conococha is fed by the Tuco River and forms the headwaters of the Santa River, which runs through the Callejon de Huaylas.


(Qataq) 3640m.
The houses in this small town are built of adobe with tile roofs. The main road is oriented toward the Cordillera Blanca, crowned by Mt. Huascaran. The people engage in commerce, raising livestock and, to a lesser degree, farming.
North of Catac the geography changes, the lands are lower and cultivated and there are stands of eucalyptus trees (originally brought from Australia).
A turn off the main road will lead you to Chavin de Huantar (70 km) on the eastern side of the Cordillera Blanca.


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