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Chiquian is at 3400 meters and there are good views of the Cordillera Huayhuash as you drive from Huaraz to Llamac or Cuartelhuain.
Hiking in the Cordillera Huayhuash usually involves making a circuit of the entire range – this is fairly strenuous and takes almost 2 weeks
The Huayhuash is a compact, rugged range, and includes the second highest peak in Peru - Yerupajá Grande - 6634m and also Siula Grande made famous by Joe Simpson in his book “Touching The Void” and in the subsequent film. Every day on the trek hikers are treated to awesome close views of snowcapped peaks, glaciers and blue trout-filled lakes.
We offer a range of treks from a full circuit of 15 days including a visit to Siula Grande Base Camp to a “mini” Huayhuash trek of 6 / 8 days. 


Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash with Siula Base Camp

14 - 15


Circuit of Cordillera Huayhuash with climbing  pumarinri



Circuit of Cordillera Huayhuash |  climbing Diablo Mudo



Circuit of Cordillera Huayhuash

10 - 11

Very Hard

Huayhuash Mini Trek



Huanuco Pampa  Inti Raymi Inca Sun Festival



Via alta or ruta alpine Cordillera Huayhuash trek

12 - 13


Rondoy Laguna Jahuacocha  Huayhuash Trek

4 - 5

Moderate to Hard (horse trek option)

"Taylor Made" Huayhuash Trek

You Choose


Trek Grading & Fitness
Trek grading and walking times are average estimates only for people of average to good fitness and who are well acclimatised to the altitude. Minimum 3 night in Huaraz.
Some people will hike much faster, and others much slower.  The effects of altitude do make the hiking much harder than a similar trek closer to sea level and the effects of altitude vary from person to person.
You need to have average to good fitness and be able to climb a sustained steep uphill for 2 to 3 hours without distress and manage long descents down from the passes, and be comfortable sleeping in tents in sometimes cold conditions for several days to enjoy these treks

Note: Those most trekking options in the Cordilleras Huayhuash should be considered to be physically demanding owing to the altitude (you are above 4000m for the duration of the treks) and the mountainous nature of the terrain. Trails are often steep on these treks – both ascending and descending and can be slippery & rocky in places.
It is a common comment from clients that they found the hiking to be harder than they were expecting. This is usually due to the effects of altitude which invariably leaves people feeling less energetic than they would on similar hikes at lower altitudes.
If you do not think you can enjoy this type of trekking, let us know and we can suggest some easier options

Trek Starting Point: 
Cordillera Huayhuash full circuit treks can be started from the village of Llamac (3300m) or from Quartelhuain (4200m).
It is approximately 4 to 5 hours drive 156kms from Huaraz to Llamac and a further 18kms on to Quartelhuain.
Groups that start from Llamac will hike to Quartelhuain on Day 01 of hiking which is valuable as an extra acclimatisation day.  Groups that start from Quartelhuain will drive direct from Huaraz to Quartelhuain and camp the night there at 4200m. It is particularly important that clients are very well acclimatised to the altitude if starting treks from Quartelhuain. To drive from Huaraz at 3070m to Quartelhuain is an altitude gain of 1130m in a single day, and the first day hiking you climb to the top of a 4700m pass. You need to have at least three full days in Huaraz doing day hikes to acclimatise to start a Cordillera Huayhuash trek from Quartelhuain


 15 days   (options also for 12 & 13 days)
Grade: Hard

Day 1: Drive from Huaraz to the village of Llamac to set up camp 3300m. 4 to 5 hours drive.
Day 2: Follow the river Llamac, hiking gradually up the valley to camp in open grassy countryside at Quartelhuain 4200m 6 hours
Day 3: Cross our first pass Punta Cacanan 4700m then descend to camp at a large lake Laguna Mitucocha 4220m. 6 hours.
Day 4: We climb steadily to our next pass Paso de Carhuac 4650m or via Alta 4800m to camp at trout filled Laguna Carhuacocha 4150m 6 hours. At the head of the lake are the giant peaks of the Huayhuash – Yerupaja, Jirishanca & the famous Siula Grande.
Day 5: We spend an extra day at spectacular Carhuacocha. Hike up to visit the Shirishanca Lake, take an easy walk around Carhuacocha lake, go trout fishing or have a rest day and enjoy your mountain surroundings.
Day 6: There are 2 options: A gradual ascent on a good path to cross Pass Carnicero 4600m (5 to 6 hours) or a more demanding alternative Siula Pass (4800m) 6 to 7 hours.  We camp  huayhuash valley 4500m
Day 7: We pass through the small settlement of Huayhuash where a few farming families live and then climb to yet another pass Portachuelo de Huayhuash 4750m. We descend past a large lake Viconga where we often see large herds of Llama and Alpaca to camp at 4480m 6½ hours. There are natural hot spring baths near the camp – enjoy your first hot bath for several days!!
Day 8: We should be well acclimatised now and ready to cross our highest pass of the trek, Punta Cuyoc 5000m. The descent is initially steep but is then easier and we and camp in large open valley Elefante  quebrada Huanacpatay 4300m 4½ hours. Option: to climb Pumarinri this day (5320m)
Day 9: A demanding climb up to the Pass Cerro Antonio (5050m). From the pass we have the most stunning views of the trek, we can see Siula Grande Base Camp and Siula glacier and several small jewel blue lakes.  The descent is steep at times and we traverse above Laguna  Jurau to camp in the Quebrada Calinca at Cutatambo 4100m 5 to 6 hours. A demanding but fantastic days hiking.
Day 10: We visit the base camp of Siula Grande (Joe Simpson – "Touching The Void"). We can clearly see the route that Joe followed crawling down the glacier and across the moraine rocks to reach the campsite.
Day 11: Follow down the valley Quebrada Calinca to the large mountain village of Huallapa. In the afternoon we need to climb through a steep sided valley to a high camp in the pasture at Huatiac 4350m 7 hours
Day 12: A shorter day which is appreciated after the hard day yesterday. Cross the Pass Punta Tapush 4750m to Laguna Susucocha  and Cashpapampa 4500m 3 to 4 hours.
Day 13: Cross the pass Punta Yaucha 4800m to camp at one of the most beautiful sites in the Huayhuash, Laguna Jahuacocha 4150m 4 hours. Option: to climb Diablo Mudo this day (5350m)
Day 14: An extra day at Laguna Jahuacocha. Climb up Cerro Amarrillo Peak 5000m, visit Soltera Cocha Lake, hike up the pass Sambunya 4750m OR take a rest and try trout fishing. 
Day 15: The final pass Pampa Llamac  4300m and a long descent to Llamac. 5½ hours. Return to Huaraz in our private van

Contact Us.- for more information and prices. 
If you know, tell us the approximate dates that you would like to be trekking and the number of people in your group, as well as if you prefer a private trek .


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